We offer a variety of programs to meet your financial needs – from a basic savings account to a 36 month certificate.
  1. Primary Share Account
    The primary share account is our basic savings account. The minimum balance is $5.00 and dividends are paid monthly based on the average daily balance. A primary share account is your membership account and is required in order to have any other service of the credit union. 
  2. Christmas Club Accounts
    You can open this account any time of the year and take some of the stress off your holiday season. You may choose payroll deduction or make deposits on your own. On October 1st of each year, the funds in the account are transferred to your savings account, where they will be available to withdraw when you are ready to start your holiday shopping. 
  3. Money Market Accounts
    We offer a Money Market account with a $2,500 minimum balance. This is a variable tiered rate account – so the more you have in the account, the more you earn! You can make up to three withdrawals per month from the account.
  4. Kirby Kangaroo Accounts
    The KIRBY KANGAROO Club account is designed especially for our young members. It is an exciting savings program for kids you love! It leads children age twelve and under through the world of money and saving in a way they will understand and enjoy. Not only will they learn how to use a financial institution, but also will they develop good savings habits.

    KIRBY KANGAROO Club members have fun quarterly newsletters and a website, while learning how to handle their finances.

    If you have a special child or grandchild in your life, help him or her grow with a KIRBY KANGAROO Club account at your credit union.

  5. Certificates

    We offer Share Certificates in a variety of terms: 6, 12, 24, and 36 months with a $500 minimum. The dividend rate is guaranteed for the term you choose.

    Share Certificates with a balance of $10,000 or more receive a higher dividend rate.

    We offer both an IRA Savings Account that pays dividends monthly and IRA Share Certificates with 12, 24, and 36 months terms. IRA Share Certificates require a $1,000 minimum deposit.