1. Payroll Deduction
    Payroll deduction is a convenient way to make your loan payments or add to your savings account. We can set automatic deductions from your checking account with every direct deposit paycheck to pay a portion to your savings account.  This makes it easy to grow your savings!  We can also set your loan payments to be automatically paid each time your paycheck is direct deposited.  Never worry about missing a loan payment again!

  2. Direct Deposit

    Setting up Direct Deposit is easy and saves you time.

    We offer you the convenience of Direct Deposit of your payroll, Social Security, Civil Service, retirement and other recurring checks. This saves you time and provides fast access to your funds.

    For setting up Direct Deposit to your ODFCU account, use our Routing and Transit Number: 304083231

  3. ACH Origination

    Do you have an account or loan at another financial institution? We can help you set up automatic transfers to or from those accounts or loans with ACH Origination.

    We make transferring your accounts and loans to Omaha Douglas Federal Credit Union simple and convenient.

    ACH Origination program:

    • is free!
    • offers fixed amount electronic transfers recurring on a prearranged schedule such as weekly, monthly and semi-monthly options.
    • automatically transfers funds from another institution to your ODFCU accounts and/or loans.
    • automatically transfers funds from your ODFCU account to another institution.
    • is designed for recurring ACH transfers. One-time transfers must be processed using our wire transfer service. A service fee does apply to wire transfers.

    Payroll deposits, retirement deposits and Social Security need to be initiated by your Payroll Department, or the Social Security Administration.

  4. Money Orders

    Money orders are a convenient and safe way of sending funds through the mail or paying for items purchased online. Money orders also allow you a greater degree of privacy than personal checks and are considered a safe alternative.

    Because they are prepaid, a money order will not bounce, which makes money orders a popular method of payment for many vendors. Sometimes a vendor will require payment by money order for this very reason.

    • Money Orders can be issued for any amount up to $1000
    • Money Orders must be purchased in person with available funds
    • Member must sign for money order at the time of purchase
    • A fee of $1.50 is charged for each money order
  5. Audio Teller

    With Audio Teller, you can access your credit union accounts anytime day or night by phone!  All inquiries or transactions using Audio Teller are safe and secure because access to your accounts are only possible using your PIN.  To enroll, you will enter your account number and the last 4 digits of the primary account holder’s social security number.  You will be prompted to change your Audio Teller PIN the first time you call in.

    Audio Teller Phone Number: 833-776-3328

    You can use Audio Teller to:

    • Make balance inquiries
    • Request withdrawals by check
    • Check loan payments and balances
    • Get prior year tax information
    • Plus much more!
  6. ATM Cards
    ATM cards provide the convenience of 24 hour transactions available from ATMs located throughout the city and across the country. Best of all, if you use any Cash Depot, Cash Corner or other designated ATM located throughout the Omaha area, you can avoid ATM fees. For a current list of no fee ATMs, CLICK HERE
  7. VISA Check Cards

    If you need to report a lost or stolen Visa Check card during non business hours, call 1-866-414-0469.

    Debit Card Fraud Watch: 1-866-414-0488

    If you love the convenience of an ATM card, you’ll flip over our Visa Check Card. It looks like a credit card, but works like a check. When you use your Visa Check Card, the money is deducted from your credit union checking account. But your Visa Check Card does much more — it also works as an ATM card.

  8. Online Banking

    With Online Banking, you can use your personal computer to access your credit union accounts.  You can go online and get information about your credit union accounts- check balances, transfer funds, and review your history.  You can even download your account history.  It’s like having your own personal branch right in your own home.  Best of all, it’s FREE!

    To access Online Banking, visit our homepage and click the link the to get started.

  9. eStatements
    Receive access to your statements online instead of receiving them in the mail.  Sign up and each time your statement or notice is ready, you will receive an email with a secure internet link where you can view, print or download your statements.
  10. Prepaid Travel Cards

    For your traveling needs, we sell Prepaid VISA TravelMoney Cards.

    Better than a travelers check

    • Can be reloaded
    • ATM and PIN access
    • Accepted worldwide at Visa locations
    • Safe, secure and can be cancelled if lost or stolen
    • Reduces fear of Identify theft
    • Transferable for use by spouse and children